As a Lead Product Designer at UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc, my efforts were spread across our growing list of products to ensure high levels of usability, consistency and UI design, while focusing on improving the efficiency of our users’ workflows and updating the user interface to a more usable & cleaner look.


I worked with cross-functional teams to create and refine user flows and interfaces. Quickly iterating through sketching and wireframing, I was able to validate decisions and, depending on the product and timeframe, used our design system to produce high fidelity mockups in Sketch or work alongside developers to implement designs directly in code.

Aside from my main duties, I created and maintained a growing Sketch-based Design System which allowed our design team to more efficiently create consistent UI mockups. The time saved by using the Design System enabled more time for collaborating with our design team, product managers, front-end developers, & SMEs.

Work Samples

Please contact me for additional work samples due to regulations within healthcare.

This video shows a portion of a technician’s workflow after uploading data taken during an exam to the web-based app, where they are able to view images & clips, make measurements, annotations and image adjustments in order to provide physicians with better insights of a person’s health.